About Me:

"I know Lynchburg and want to see our historic neighborhoods thrive."

After moving from the Washington, D.C., area when I was young, I grew up in the City of Lynchburg, where I attended the Lynchburg City Schools system. Having never lived in a house “younger” than 1925, I developed a deep appreciation for historic architecture through my parents, consistently working every weekend on an entire home restoration through my teenage years. I left Lynchburg to attend Virginia Tech where I graduated with a degree in Urban Planning from the college of Architecture and Urban Studies.

After college I spent significant time in the renovation and development industry, during which time I purchased my first home at the age of 23 in the Federal Hill Historic District and never looked back. My husband I remain the owners of that home, but chose to purchase and move into another historic property in Diamond Hill.

When I say I know houses, I genuinely mean I know them inside and out. 

I have pulled wired, stripped 100 year old shellac and paint, installed kitchens and stained every piece of woodwork imaginable, which has only given me a greater understanding and love for our historic properties. 

I can see the potential in almost any property, and a little (or a lot) of hard work has never scared me off.

I specializes in historic homes and neighborhoods specifically in the downtown and Rivermont areas because that is what I consider to be the heart and soul of our city. Here, much of our architectural integrity lies — one of the features that makes our city truly stand out.

I am a current board member of Lynch’s Landing, the 5th St CDC, Grassroots Local Market, Diamond Hill Historic Society, and an active member of the Federal Hill Historic Society and the Lynchburg Historical Foundation

I know Lynchburg and want to see our historic neighborhoods thrive. Working with me is working with someone who believes in this community, its historic value and its people.